SidTheKid · 4 days ago

Last night around 10pm, I lost my best friend, Sid.
His real name is Obsidian, Sid for short. He'...

BillBrasky · 7 days ago

Just a few days in our new place and I smell smoke in the kitchen. What's on fire?! Turns out that smoke was coming from the garbage disposal—something got fried inside of it and it was toast. I love fixing things, so I decided it was time to learn how to install a garbage disposal. I ordered a n...

BillBrasky · 15 days ago

I just got a call from my mom. Grandpa "Farmer" has passed away.
Grandpa Farmer was one hell of a...

BillBrasky · 20 days ago

We got the keys to our house yesterday.
Let that sink in. WE GOT THE KEYS TO OUR VERY OWN HOUSE YESTERDAY. It feels strange, like the calm after a storm.
Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were just short of a nightmare. Scrambling around, signing papers at the escrow company, trying to get $75k ...

Inkywings · 21 days ago

First entry on this beautiful journal.
I have always loved writing... and I want to wri...

BillBrasky · 22 days ago

We signed a TON of papers today at the escrow company and should be officially closing escrow on our house tomorrow and getting the keys. Holy cow, what a wild ride... It didn't help that the house floats, that just added about 50 additional curve balls. We are super excited and a little/lot anxi...

SidTheKid · 25 days ago

Yesterday I got a chance to say goodbye to one of my all time favorite managers from back when I ...

BillBrasky · 28 days ago

We're in the process of buying a house. There are about a million things to do. It's stressful. I know I'm driving my real estate agent nuts. I'm relatively risk averse and tend to catastrophize things. I know this about myself and use meditation and exercise to combat it as best I can. Still, I ...

BillBrasky · 28 days ago

Today I'm grateful for my cat. Never thought I was a cat guy.
My partner kept asking for a dog fo...

SidTheKid · 28 days ago

Oh man...
Monday was a rollercoaster of emotions, especially after a full weekend of stresses, confusion, miscommunications, misunderstandings, and a fatherless Father's Day. I'm currently in transition to move to the west coast, all the way from the east coast. It's the most ballsiest thing I ha...

SidTheKid · 29 days ago

I'm grateful for:
DBear being in my life, in general
My stuff for Greyhound was finally picked up...

SidTheKid · about 1 month ago

First and foremost, Happy Belated Father’s Day to all the dad’s, granddad’s, and father figures out there in the universe.
To be quite frank, father’s day has been proving to be a challenging time of year since 2018, maybe even further back. I feel myself falling into a constant ...

motherearth99 · about 1 month ago

I just came back from Europe recently. I really enjoyed my trip and miss it already. I especial...

BillBrasky · about 1 month ago

Got a bike ride in this morning with a friend. Making friends is fucking hard for me—I'm usually a lone wolf—so I'm pretty stoked to have a riding buddy.
We we had a great bike ride through the countryside. Get back to home base, and the key to my car wouldn't go into the ignition. Long story sho...

BillBrasky · about 1 month ago

We're in the process of buying a floating house. Floating houses need their "float", usually abou...

reyland2401 · about 2 months ago

Long Term:
When I get out of EMCC, I hope that I can find a good job to support myself and find an apartment for myself so that I can learn and grow upon the independence that I will have gained from leaving home.

Short term:
When I graduate, I hope that I will continue to learn and grow upon th...

reyland2401 · about 2 months ago

Today I start my gratitude journal. That in itself is something that I am thankful for.

motherearth99 · about 2 months ago

I got my nails done today for my trip to Europe tomorrow. I'm heading out to Germany first and then Sweden. My time in Germany will be short, so I don't think I'm able to explore other cities except Hamburg. In Sweden, I'm hoping to at least go to Stockholm. It seems that I don't have time ...

BillBrasky · 2 months ago

My cat started yeowling at 5am and didn't let up until about 7am. So I was in this half state of ...

BillBrasky · 2 months ago

I'm about half-a-bottle-of-wine in for the night. Spanish wine from Trader Joes. Feel good. Real good.
The last few weeks have been incredible.
I spent a week on PTO visiting family back home. Then flew back into PDX and went to a company retreat for a few days. Then the weekend which is wrapping...

BillBrasky · 3 months ago

I headed to the grocery store right after work today. I really need to let this lesson sink in: d...

motherearth99 · 3 months ago

I got into a bigger university.
Going to Sweden this summer.
Going to Utah in a few weeks.
Been eating Subway again recently.
Also really enjoying Chick Fil A atm.

Aaru365 · 3 months ago

Passed my chemistry exam
Got to spend time with my sisters
I cooked
Washed some clothes
Paddle ...

VidAmanza · 3 months ago

Today I am grateful for this trip to St.Lou, wakingup in my right mind, funds to mangage and live life, positive interactions with other daults, safe travels, and the ideas that have been sparked by this trip.

BillBrasky · 3 months ago

A memory:
My little brother and I would sit in front of the family computer in the early 2000s an...