Hoggle · 1 day ago

I headed to the grocery store right after work today. I really need to let this lesson sink in: d...

motherearth99 · 9 days ago

I got into a bigger university.
Going to Sweden this summer.
Going to Utah in a few weeks.
Been eating Subway again recently.
Also really enjoying Chick Fil A atm.

Aaru365 · 10 days ago

Passed my chemistry exam
Got to spend time with my sisters
I cooked
Washed some clothes
Paddle ...

VidAmanza · 10 days ago

Today I am grateful for this trip to St.Lou, wakingup in my right mind, funds to mangage and live life, positive interactions with other daults, safe travels, and the ideas that have been sparked by this trip.

Hoggle · 16 days ago

A memory:
My little brother and I would sit in front of the family computer in the early 2000s an...

Hoggle · 23 days ago

Today I'm thankful for my mom. My mom is incredible, loving, accepting, trusting. She puts so much trust in me, since I was a little boy. "I'm doin' this, Ma". And she's usually on board 100%, giving me her full support. That has had a profound effect on me. She's happy-go-lucky. She has a small...

Hoggle · 24 days ago

Incredible weekend.
A lot of weekends, I'll lounge around Saturday, then start to get crazy cabin...

Hoggle · about 1 month ago

Feeling thankful.
My wife is making me dinner right now. It smells incredible. She sent me a bunch of messages at work today saying hi and telling me she planned a weekend getaway at one of our favorite getaway spots. Hotel is booked, and she even planned the entire itinerary. She also told me s...

Hoggle · about 2 months ago

Spent the weekend on the beach with my wife and friends. It was fun, but I definitely felt social...

motherearth99 · about 2 months ago

Struggles of an introvert.
I'm glad for the few friends I have, but it can be hard to deal with. It's hard to find people to do things with. I try so hard to reach out to people, but they can be so vicious. For instance, I ask them if they wanna hang out and they tell me to find someone else t...

Anonymous · 2 months ago

At a huge crossroad in my life now. I have to remind myself that every action I take, every choic...

Hoggle · 2 months ago

I'm listening to Incubus.
"The sky resembles a backlit canopy with holes punched in it. I'm counting UFOs, I signal them with my lighter. And in this moment I am happy."
That hits me, a little pinch of the heart, a firing of neurons first fired a decade ago in my early 20s, a burst of nostaliga. ...

kkashley · 2 months ago

Emotions are a crazy thing – they have the ability to bring up all the feelings that you thought...

Hoggle · 2 months ago

Dreams journal. Lots of dreams last night, and lots of cuddles from Georgie.
I dreamt I was on a floating-house-of-a-yacht. The thing was huge. And I was partying with some cool crowd. A mini-yacht pulled up next to ours, and half our boat went out to go hang out with them. I looked out the windo...

Hoggle · 2 months ago

Today I want to:
Go for a run to get some exercise in
Sign up for HeadSpace. I'm in a bit of a ru...

Hoggle · 2 months ago

I've slept like a baby the last two nights. Normally, my cat wakes me up around 3am, meowing and begging for attention and food. I usually spend about an hour up in the middle of the night waking up and then trying to fall back asleep. Not the last two nights.
My secret? Earplugs. They are my new...

motherearth99 · 2 months ago

Personal commitments.
After going through some things, I had to learn to make personal commitment...

Hoggle · 3 months ago

I was walking home today and some piece of shit was on the sidewalk aggressively panhandling. Dude was yelling loudly at people and targeted this beautiful family walking down the sidewalk with some little kids, asking for money, then cussing them out. The father: "I have my kid here, what gives?...

Hoggle · 3 months ago

The last time I hung out with Blake, I picked him up from the halfway house. This was five years ...

Hoggle · 3 months ago

Today I'm thankful I got to see my wife so much: in the morning, at lunch, during our walk to her barre class, and just now when she got home from barre.
I'm thankful for my pop who turned 60 today. Man, we are super fucking awkward on the phone lol. We both want to ask the other person questions...

Hoggle · 3 months ago

Today was good.
I got up at 7am and headed right out the door into the freezing cold and went on ...

DesertRose · 3 months ago

I have so much to do. I always do. I feel pressured and pushed. It feels as if I do not have time to be and I am always tired. I have problems sleeping at night and when I do sleep I have night terrors and nightmares. I just want to have the time to be me, learn who I am, and feel whole.

Aurangelo · 3 months ago

Outside some members of my family the people I hold in high regard I can count on one hand so tod...

motherearth99 · 3 months ago

School has been keeping me on my toes recently. I have a quiz this Monday so hopefully I'll pass. I haven't been up to much this weekend since it's been raining here on my end. I went to Ikea on Weds and had swedish meatballs. They wer so tasty.

Hoggle · 3 months ago

Work was good yesterday. I've been meditating before work, and lemme tell you, it's like taking a...