Hagrid · 7 months ago

We got the keys to our house yesterday.
Let that sink in. WE GOT THE KEYS TO OUR VERY OWN HOUSE YESTERDAY. It feels strange, like the calm after a storm.
Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were just short of a nightmare. Scrambling around, signing papers at the escrow company, trying to get $75k wired to the escrow's bank account asap. Don't get me started on wiring those funds. A wire is supposed to take a few hours to go through. Ours took 24 hours and the escrow company and seller were getting impatient. "Where's the money? Why is this taking so long? A wire should only take a few hours to go through." etc etc over and over. I kept telling our escrow officer that it was my shitty banks fault, that they decided to batch our wire transfer order in with the next day's orders. Our real estate agent, who is usually very calm and stoic, called me during lunch yesterday and very seriously said, "I strongly advise you to drop what your doing, go get a cashier's check for $75k, and bring it to the escrow company immediately." I tolk him we have an online bank and unfortunately can't just go to the corner office to get a cashiers check. It was a shit show and my blood pressure was off the charts.
Immediately after that call, I called up my bank for the third time that day to see if they had any news. And it was good news: the wire went through. In the span of a few minutes, everything fell into place. I called the escrow place: they got the money. The seller was payed, texted us that they keys to the place were on top of the BBQ. "I hope you enjoy the home as much as we have."
It's done now. It's quiet. Last night, we drove to our house for the very first time. Popped open some champagne and made some of the jankiest quasadillas we've ever made. We were stupid giddy. I'm proud of us.
I feel like my mental health took a hit over the last month due to the stress. I'm looking forward to returning to normalcy and calm.

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