motherearth99 · 3 months ago

Hello 2020! May you be the best year for the universe! As I enter a new decade, I want to reflect the lessons I've learnt. One thing I won't be doing is making resolutions in the normal sense. I only make long-term goals if necessary. These are some lessons I want to put out there.
Some people are literally put into your life to teach you a lesson.
People will come & go, but that's okay.
Music becomes more relatable as you get older.
You won't be well-liked or the popular friend.
Life can be only understood backwards, while it can only lived foward.
Confrontation is sometimes necessary even if others don't want it.
Fuck other people's opinions about you & everything else.
Saving money is always a good idea.
Coffee is more of a necessity as we age.
Travel is the only thing that makes you richer after you invest in it.

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