SidTheKid · 26 days ago

Some of my worries, frustrations, and anger have recently been resolved by talking to my partner. Some progress was made, and I really hope from the bottom of my heart that they can pull through. I'm sure there are a lot of pressures that they are feeling, bits of anxiety building up, and the need to meet their own expectations along with other's expectations. It sounds like they have a full plate of worries!
But I think if we both work together properly and in a healthy manner, we will succeed and persevere.
I know that we are meant for each other, because when I hug this person, I feel safe in their arms and it's the most intimate hug I've ever received from anyone.

Hagrid · 24 days ago

Sorry to hear your partner's going through difficult times—glad that talking it out has been helpful. My partner and I reserve Friday nights for "beers on the bed" where we grab some beers, sit down on the bed/couch, and just chat about everything going on: finances, goals, the future, worries, things that are bothering us. We love it. Basically like a mini couples therapy session haha.

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