SidTheKid · 7 months ago

Last night around 10pm, I lost my best friend, Sid.
His real name is Obsidian, Sid for short. He's a jet black cat with chocolate brown undetones with green eyes and a sleek face like a panther. He was my little, cuddle buddy and miniature panther with a dog-like personality.
I don't know how, but I lost him... He was cautiously walking around the kitchen during our family dinner and my eyes kept darting around, trying to keep an eye out for him. But...I lost him. I couldn't find him after dinner, dessert, and right before I went to bed. I figured he was wandering around the house, but he never showed up in the middle of the night... Not a single sight or a peep. No one else in the house has seen him at all. Not since our family dinner last night.
I feel like such an irresponsible parent and I'm so ashamed of myself.
Sorry for the self-loathing, but right now I kind of hate myself.

Hagrid · 6 months ago

I really hope you find your friend. Please keep us updated.

motherearth99 · 6 months ago

I'm hoping beyond relief you find your friend. Keep us posted.

yellowsunshine · 6 months ago

I'm so sorry. I hope you can find your kitty. Cats are such amazing creatures. Maybe you can shake some treats or take out one of his favorite toys? If you suspect he's outside, you can leave his litter box outside and cats can smell that from afar to find their way home.

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