Hagrid · about 2 months ago

Today was rough. One of my coworkers, I'll call him "Chad", is pretty fun to be around a most of the time as he is basically always sarcastic or joking around. The only lame thing is when you become the brunt of one of his jokes. Like if you leave a meeting for a second, come back, and Chad has hidden your laptop. And you are TAF (tired as fuck) and just don't have any patience for those shenanigans.
Aside form that, lots of meetings today. I work with such insanely intelligent and accomplished people, sometimes I feel like an imposter. Was definitely feeling that today. But I remind myself that, sure, I don't know as much as some people on my team in certain areas, but I know a lot more in other areas. For intance, some people on my team couldn't code up a React front end but I love to do that kind of thing. You win some you lose some.
Came home from work exhausted. Wife had deep cleaned the house and was making us a charcuterie board. She is the best.

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