jcsteadman · 19 days ago

I had a good day today; a meeting with a prospect. It always feels so good when I'm talking with prospects - the thrill of being tested, on the spot, and needing to come up with a good, thoughtful answer based on my experience... or admitting I'm not too sure. Either way, it's such an enjoyable time for me. I love it so much and the time flies by.

It's also a mini battle of wills, as we both want the same outcome (a successful result) but often we're at odds in how to get there (reaching the unknown equilibrium of fee to value). This is especially important for me, considering I haven't had a prospect cross my threshold, seriously, for 3 weeks now. Possibly one of the longer periods in my career where this has happened.

It certainly doesn't help with COVID-19 scaring the world, and, in turn, tightening the purse strings of businesses who would otherwise be happy to invest. I see it as an opportunity, though, even though it is a serious event. I was discussing this seemingly global downturn with other copywriters, and decided that a good course of action is to take the angle of 'this is the perfect time to be applying more advertising pressure onto your competitors, take market share, and cement yourself for a better 3rd and 4th quarter. Your competitors will be taking their foot off the gas because of this, leaving room for you and your business to swoop in.'

I haven't made any ads with this angle yet, but it's solid in my opinion. Because it's exactly what happened during the 2008 recession and those who continued to market during the 'scary' times, came out well ahead of those who didn't. I should look at some statistics for this, because it's poignant now and could be compelling for those yet undecided.

Now, I started writing a story yesterday, but I don't have it up here with me now, nor Lester Dent's formula on this computer, so I'll have to remember to do that tomorrow so I can get the first 1,500 or so words done.

I'm not happy with the story, but, it is what it is, and who knows, it could flesh itself out as I go along. Plus, it has been an awfully long time since I've written anything 'properly'. No one else will be reading it anyway, so I've got nothing to lose, and even if they were reading it, it would simply be one of many should I continue on - which I intend to.


This afternoon I went to work on my body with the new kettlebell, which dad bought for me. I need to pay him back for these gifts, but I have no money to do it with, so it'll weigh on me until I'm in a better position. I'm very sore, and I think it'll be a good change of pace to do some exercise with some heavier weights. I typically don't use anything other than the weight of my own body and some resistance in the form of a heavy bag.

I haven't been as healthy as I should've been recently, and losing all this weight while I've been here in Thailand has really put that into focus. I should've always been this weight - it's not exactly hard, I only exercise for an hour or two a day, somewhat lightly, I'll add. It's just that I'm so unfit that everything seems incredibly hard. I know this is temporary, because what I thought almost impossible a week ago seems almost easy now. It's that consistency thing in action again. I'd usually not dream of exercising the amount I have been daily, were I home, but, because of Muay Thai training daily for 2 hours, that's just shattered my 'normal' and the 'crazy' just becomes 'ho-hum'.

Which makes me curious to think how far ahead I'll be when I keep this up for another month! I'll be incredibly fit and I'll be in the best shape of my life! Swimming almost daily is nice, and the fact I ride the bike there and back makes it even better. At the moment I'm choosing to continue the same spot from Muay Thai as for training at home. I've finished my two weeks there and have no money to pay for another month, so I need to carry on here, on the back patio. It's not ideal, but it's far from bad. I tire myself out but unfortunately learn nothing of a new skill under the watchful eye of a coach.

As soon as I feel comfortable with my money again, I'll be signing up for the remainder of the trip!

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