Hagrid · 7 months ago

Today I'm grateful for my cat. Never thought I was a cat guy.
My partner kept asking for a dog for years. Hell yes, I want a dog, but not when we're renting a small-ish apartment downtown. Pitched the cat idea. She loved it. Next thing I know, we have a beautiful little kitten from the shelter.
It's a year on now. The cat sleeps with me every night. She crawls up on my a lot of mornings at about 4am, or curls up next to me. The last two nights, I woke from my slumber to find her fast asleep, her head resting against my chest. I was the big spoon, she was the little spoon.
Sure, she chewed up my $1,000 office chair, but she doesn't know any better ; ) I love her. My cat and my wife are incredible.

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