SidTheKid · 3 months ago

Lately, I've been finding myself crying a lot...
I don't like it.
But I don't know how else to express myself. My sadness. Anger. Frustrations. Stress. Exhaustion. I'm only doing what I've taught myself to do since I was a child. I always found comfort in crying my emotions out. I never resorted to screaming into pillows or, dare I say, physical violence. It's not my style, and it's not what comforts me. What comforts me is having my space; my time to be fully aware of my emotions and to be "seen" by myself. It's like a time of reflection and meditation.
I wonder if it's odd to think that way...
...Sometimes I hear a nagging voice in my head that I keep shrugging off, like a small devil on my shoulder whispering to me "Things aren't gonna work out. You shouldn't have done that." Well...I never agree with that sinister voice. I always believe that things will work out in my favor. I just need to work at it. I need to move forward, own my decisions, find my people, and live my truth and happiness.
Sometimes it's difficult though... It's truly new to me to have a companion who suffers from anger management, addiction, and self-loathing. I have my fair share of self-loathing, but I'm all I have and I know the consequences of leaving this realm on a bitter note.

randomaccount · 3 months ago

Hope things are okay! It's okay to cry! I'm honestly jealous, I sometimes feel like crying but can't bring myself too and the weight kinda just sticks to me.

"Let your tears come. Let them water your soul." <3

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