Jaffajam · 3 months ago

Gratitude List
Wake up Gratitudes:
Feeling your breath and your heart beat
Having a roof over your head
Having a bed to sleep on
Sleeping undersheet and blankets to keep you warm
Having a furnace to keep you warm
Enjoying an air conditioner to keep you cool
Watching the sunrise
Cuddling with someone
Having something to cuddle with
Turning on the light switch and you have light
Using a toothbrush and toothpaste to care for your teeth
Showering with ot water and soap
Using clean water to bath and drink
Wearing clean clothes
Choosing what clothes to wear
Having clothes that are cool or warm for seasons
Having deodorant
Having food in the house for breakfast
Having someone who gives you a hug good-bye
Having the means to get to work or other places you go
Doing an act of kindness
Ready willing, and able to work gratitude list:
Having a job to go to
Relying on a job that pays you regularly
Helping someone today
Having friends who greet you
Having food to eat for lunch
Having friends who care about you
Having a cell phone for instant connections with your friends and families
Using your talents to help others at work
Choosing how you respond to situations
Learn something new everyday at your job
Googling any question you may have
Having health insurance for you and your family
Being on a team of co-workers that help you do your job
Working in conditions that are clean and well-kept
Using free counseling for you and your family (if offered through work)
Completing learning modules/courses/readings that help improve your wellness
Asking for help whenever you need it
Making a difference
Mid-day musings gratitude list:
Shopping at the grocery store with millions of choices
Choosing what you do each day
Setting and achieving goals
Enjoying nature by stepping outside
Choosing which hobby you'd like to enjoy
Taking pictures with your phone to look at them any time
Seeing beauty around you
Feeling relatively safe where you live and play
Accessing healthcare when you need it
Calling 911 and first responders come to help
Exercising religious freedom
Exercising freedom of speech
Traveling anywhere you choose
Smelling flowers, coffee, and pine trees
Loving others
Loving yourself
Owning your thoughts and actions
Receiving an act of kindness
Evening Repose Gratitude list:
Having a home to go to
Choosing how to spend your free time
Having food to eat for dinner
Choosing what you eat for dinner
Feeling emotions and the richness they add to life
Choosing from a billion Netflix movies
Watching the sunset
Seeing the moon and the stars
Using a body that is a miracle
Enjoying opportunities to learn and grow
Giving smiles
Tasting chocolate
Knowing what is most important to you
Appreciating your blessings
Reading any book that you choose
Giving hugs
Enjoying beautiful music
Appreciating living one more day
Additional gratitude items/ideas:
Strong relationships with partner, family, and friends
For an education, intelligence, and the ability to remember/recall information, as well as the ability to learn
Feeling proud to work for a good company
Working for a company that cares about wellness of its employees
Access to libraries
Ability to sleep through the night

Identifying things you are grateful for is not about choosing positive over negative, good over bad. It's about seeing both. And since identifying ood things is not as natural as detecting bad things, we most be more intentional in stopping and really appreciating all the good things in life.
What are you grateful for?

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