Hagrid · 8 months ago

Got a bike ride in this morning with a friend. Making friends is fucking hard for me—I'm usually a lone wolf—so I'm pretty stoked to have a riding buddy.
We we had a great bike ride through the countryside. Get back to home base, and the key to my car wouldn't go into the ignition. Long story short, I spent 6 hours trying to get it to work, going through the 7 stages of grief contemplating the bill for getting this fixed. I got a quote from the dealership over the phone: $677 for the part, $250 for two chipped keys + labor, not to mention towing the car to the dealership and spending most of my Sunday coordinating the whole thing. All told, about $1k. Decided to call a locksmith who was cocksure he could fix the thing (much to my skepticism). He comes out, we haggle on price a bit from $350 to $275 (if he can fix it). He pulled through big time and fixed it in two hours. Works great now. So ya, I'm super stoked how it turned out all things considered. The guy was funny as hell too, super down to earth, and let me watch what he was doing. Great guy.

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