Hagrid · 3 months ago

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, I got bit by my brother-in-law's family dog right on the nose. It was close to midnight, I was bleeding all over the place, and I made the snap decision, "We're going to the ER." Didn't have time to think about, "Oh, well, maybe an urgent care will do. Maybe someone there has the skills to stitch me up." No, we're going to the fucking ER where the doctors are like the "Navy Seals" of healthcare professionals and they'll stitch me up right.
Long story short, we spent the first 45 minutes or so being processed and the next 30 minutes being treated by nurses and about 10 minutes with the ER doctor. End result: four stitches.
Guess how much the hospotal billed my insurance for for those four stitches and about an hour of their time? $4,800.
For fuck sake, really?!
Luckily, it looks like my insurance negotiated that down to $2,000 of which they paid about $1,700. So I'm on the hook for about $300. I still just can't believe this is the system we have in a first world country.
Anyways... to leave on a high note, my nose is healing up nicely. There's a scar, but it's pretty minimal. I'm happy I still have a nose. The dog could have chomped it off, but I was really lucky.

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