Hagrid · 2 months ago

Thoughts that trip me out.
There will be, with almost 100% certainty, a "last" human being in the universe at some point in the future. That person will be a living, breathing, conscious being same as I am now. They will experience a reality that is, in all likelihood, horrifying. They will be the loneliest person ever, and they probably won't even know it. That may be 5 years in the future in some nuclear appocalypse where the "last" person only lives a few days longer than the rest of us. It may happen 5 millenia from now or 5 million years from now in some far off galaxy. The only exception I can see to this is that humans beings evolve as we know us today into something beyond what we know as "human".
Millions of tragedies, triumphs, romances, and lives have gone by throughout history, 99.9% of their stories never told. It trips me out to think that in ancient Rome, likely millions of farmers over the centuries lived out their entire lives out in the countryside. That summer romances thousands of years ago happened same as they do now. That in ancient Egypt, families picnicked beside the Nile river same as we do on the Williamette. I find it very strange and intriguing when I realize the experiences other people have gone through. Just the other day I was reading about a black slave that mailed himself to the North to free himself from slavery. Holy shit. What was it like in the box? What did he eat? How long did it take? I want to know what it was like (probably super shitty but still fascinating).
I am going to die some day and there is nothing I can do about it.
My current life is largely based around the most random, unlikely, fragile sequence of events that happened almost 8 years ago: they day I met my wife. There were about 10 events leading up to us bumping into eachother, and if any of these 10 events didn't happen, my life would be drastically different.
I can say with near certainty that the future of the human race and planet earth is extremely bleak. We are bursting at the seams in terms of how much life the earth can support. Throw in climate change, and I predict the earth 200, 300 +years from now is some kind of hellscape. The worse it gets, the more changes will be required by humans to make it work. The number of children you can have may become regulated in certain countries. At first, people will start having to live in smaller houses, own fewer possessions, travel less and less. Naysayers might say, "That's just paranoid thinking." Ok, how about 3,000 years from now? 30,000 years? Look, if the history of humans is any indication, it ain't getting better. It's likely humans go extinct, the earth's climate is so fucked up that we go into whatever-the-opposite-of-an-ice-age-is, and in another 100 million years, the earth's atmosphere returns to normal and slowly life evolves back to something more-or-less resembling earth now.
There were fucking dinosaurs on earth at some point. God, I wish I had a time machine.
Given how large the universe is, there is probably alien life out there somewhere. Or at least, there has been at some point in the past and/or there will be at some point in the future. For all we know, there are millions of other civilizations out there. Or maybe, given time will stretch out to infinity (I mean, will time ever stop? Is that possible?) there will be infinite civilizations that come and go). Holy shit, it's time for bed before my brain explodes.

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