GreySkies · 3 months ago

Day two of this new healthy eating kick. I went over the allotted calories I am told I have.

But I am totally okay with that because I made all around healthier choices today. First, instead of getting my usual soy latte at Starbucks, I opted for Peppermint tea, simply because I knew it would make me feel best. Then, instead of "treating myself" to McDonalds, like I typically do on the weekend when I am really hungry, I came home to have lunch. A turkey sandwich and some grapes. And instead of wine after dinner, sparkling water.

I know these tiny changes will add up to something good eventually. Like tiny charges on a credit card, it all adds up! However, right now I don't feel awesome. I feel hungry and irritable. My body will adjust I think.

And for the record, I am trying to go easy on myself since I started this diet cold turkey. So I may just have that glass of wine after all. It will still amount to so much less than I was eating three days ago. Eating with straight up reckless abandon, I was.

I just couldn't pretend that I was treating myself anymore. Those treats were actually habits and as they say: there are no bad foods, just bad habits.

I can do this.

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