Hagrid · 3 months ago

Today wife and I decided that we'd head into town for a long-overdue date night. She had tickets given to her through work to a soccer game at the stadium. We'd get dinner and head to the game.
Backstory: I hate sporting events. I don't particularly like soccer, and being in crowds stresses me out. But I decided to suck it up. So at 6pm, we hope in the car looking all spiffy, and just as we're about to turn left toward downtown, I say, "You know, I'm not too excited about this soccer game. What do you say we find another adventure?" My wonderful partner lit up, "Sure, I'm game!" So we headed into our podunk little town that we love and played a round of miniature golf at this little hole-in-the-wall miniature golf place where everything is bathed in blacklight. After that, we said, what the hell, let's continue onto the next town up the road and grab dinner. So we headed up there and found the cutest vintage movie theater playing "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" by Tarantino. Grabbed a pint and dinner, then saw the movie.
All-in-all, awesome evening.

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