Hagrid · 9 months ago

I'm about half-a-bottle-of-wine in for the night. Spanish wine from Trader Joes. Feel good. Real good.
The last few weeks have been incredible.
I spent a week on PTO visiting family back home. Then flew back into PDX and went to a company retreat for a few days. Then the weekend which is wrapping up now.
My birthday is this Friday. Wife and I have an Airbnb booked at this fancy yurt out in the country. She came to me earlier, worried, saying that she accidentally signed up to teach a fitness class Sunday morning at 9am. This was problematic because I had booked this trip about two months ago and was hoping to have a romantic weekend with just the two of us, including sleeping in Sunday morning, making breakfast, etc.
I felt stressed initially. Then I caught myself and reminded myself what kind of man I aspire to be. Patient, understanding, practical. I asked wife if she could find a replacement within the next 24 hours (within the Airbnb cancellation period), and if not, we'd find another adventure to go on. No biggie.
That's life. Shit happens and you come up with a new plan, and that's ok.

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