SidTheKid · 7 months ago

Yesterday I got a chance to say goodbye to one of my all time favorite managers from back when I used to work in the prop house world. Honestly, I only stopped in to snag a couple of cardboard boxes to pack some of my stuff to ship out, but I felt it was best to at least mention my move to her.
She's played a key roll in my life, not only as a manager who did what was best for the employees and delegating tasks to the right people, but she was also a mother figure to all of us who were in our 20s and 30s. She would always make it a point to converse with us one-on-one if she noticed a sudden shift in moods or communications between staff members, and she always had a kind of sixth sense. She's definitely in tune with her emotions and highly perceptive, because she's always managed to figure me out, even before I tell it to her. I probably should have talked to her more, but I tend to covet information about myself from others. Sometimes I think it would be too much for people to handle, and she has a family of her own to deal with. I can't be another burden or stressor to her.
Anyway, I had a moment to fill her in on my recent ongoings, thoughts, and emotions. She quickly knew that I was moving, because I asked to have a couple of cardboard boxes. Hah, smooth move, buddy. Anyone with a brain would figure that one out... So after I filled her in, she left me with a simple comment, "I always think about you, but I never worry about you." I thought that was such a sweet send off, especially coming from her, and she couldn't have said it any better. I was glad to hear from her that she won't be worried about me at all in my future endeavors, because I'm always concerned about how other's feel or worry about me. That's the reason why I tend to hide a lot of information from people and my introverted tendencies kick in at full force.
I hope I won't worry any of you guys during my new chapter in life. I know it's going to be tough, but I'm truly doing this for myself and I need a change of pace. I can't be fettered to this city any longer, because my heart is telling me otherwise.

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