SidTheKid · 29 days ago

It's me again, KindMind. Hi, hello.
I started reading all of my angry, sad girl posts on here and I've noticed a pattern here; I usually write emotional content when I'm on my lunar cycle. Which means...I really need to get myself some birth control to regulate my emotions or possibly take more Ashwagandha / St. John's Wort / vitamin D3 pills. Jesus Christ, I'm a train wreck. I also need to cut back on caffeine when I'm PMSing...
But if this is the case, how come I didn't need any supplemental vitamins or birth control before my current partner...? Does it correlate with the fact that I'm around this person all of the time OR, this might be farfetched, but does it have to do with my partner syncing up with my menstrual cycle...? Yeah, crazy right? Apparently men have a menstrual cycle of sorts. So if women's menstrual cycles can sync up the more they are around each other, wouldn't that mean that a man's body could sync up with a woman's cycle...?
Is this still farfetched?
Any thoughts on this topic, KindMind?

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