Hagrid · 7 months ago

Just a few days in our new place and I smell smoke in the kitchen. What's on fire?! Turns out that smoke was coming from the garbage disposal—something got fried inside of it and it was toast. I love fixing things, so I decided it was time to learn how to install a garbage disposal. I ordered a nice unit on Amazon which arrived the next day and got to work.
I installed the unit fairly painlesslessly and was pretty damn proud of myself. That is, until Lindsay decided to try the dishwasher tonight. Now if you haven't looked under your sink for a while: the dishwasher outlet hose attaches to the garbage disposal. I took care of that connection. What I didn't know was that in little print on the disposal directions was, "The dishwasher inlet is sealed shut from the factory. In order to use it, knock the plug out with a screwdriver." So the dishwasher was trying to pump water out of it while it was running and there was nowhere for the water to go but onto our hardwood floors. Fuuuuck me.
Long story short, we spent the next 10 minutes sopping up water with every dry towel in the house. Then trying to pull the dryer our of it's cubby to dry behind it, I sliced open my middle finger on something jagged. I'm praying I don't get tettanus.
I feel like a bumbling idiot; a poor excuse for a DIYer and handyman. I'm typing this in the dark having abandoned the job for the night in shame.

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