Hagrid · 4 days ago

Wife and I bought our place last year and one of the things the owners "failed" to mention in closing docs was that a beaver also called the place home and had built "nest" under the place and had dragged various logs and debris in with it to make the place comfy. The beaver was a nightmare the first few months we were there. We'd wake up in the morning to a loud gnawing sound and I'd start the day with a feeling of dread know the beaver was literally eating our house. A look under the house with a flashlight proved that the beaver was no slouch and had already devoured a great deal of the foundation/float.
We ended up replacing the float shortly after which scared the beaver off (thank god) and replaced the damage it had done. So I've been sleeping soundly the last 6 months and life has been good.
Well, last week we start hearing scraching under our floors and that feeling of dread returned. Then later this week we start hearing scratching in the walls, and that's what's been keeping us up at night.
I pinpointed the area where most of the noise was coming from and noticed it's near a mystery electrical cover near our ceiling. Took it off tonight, and out pops a mouses head. I peer in with my headlamp and their are three field mice in there, curious as ever as to what's going on. They're all trying to get a glimpse of me and not shy about it. Not the smartest creatures but they sure are cute.
I spent much of the day devising a way to humanely capture them so I can move them to a new home in the uplands where they will be happier (or at least less of a nuisance). I managed to capture one tonight which is currently in a jar on our windowsill. The hunt continues.

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