Hagrid · 10 days ago

Crazy times.
This time last month and the stock market was soaring to all time highs. A month later and the stock market is dropping like a rock, businesses are literally boarding up their windows as people talk about the next Great Depression, and the U.S. and world is largely in quarantine. People are being laid off in droves. I read yesterday that McMenamins was laying off virtually every employee, 3000 total. The Big 3 U.S. automakers shuttered their factories today temporarily to contain the spread. It feels eery. We're in largely uncharted territory. Nobody knows what's coming next.
My brother is an anti-vaxxer. Love the dude but god dammit. He keeps sending me anti-vax bullshit and I'm too worked up tonight to respond rationally. So I've just put it out of my mind for now.
Wife and I have been working from home the last week together. We feel extremely fortunate to both have good jobs that we can WFH at. I feel terrible for everyone out there in trades where they can't work from home. I feel uneasy thinking that its definitely possible that one or both of us could be laid off at a moments notice given the current business climate. We're in high-alert mode and funneling as much money as we can into our emergency fund. Luckily we have an emergency fund we can survive on if worse comes to worse.
We were supposed to take off for Europe tomorrow for two weeks, now cancelled. I'm out $900 for the airfare, however, Priceline emailed me today saying, "Your flight has been cancelled." So I thought, great, they have to refund me if a flight is cancelled. Called their number, "We are experiencing higher than usual volume. Your wait time is... 46 hours."
Fuuuuuuuuck me.
Let's see... what else. Work was stressful today thinking of everything going on. My boss was in a bad mood as is often the case. He's generally a micro-manager, perfectionist, and shows very little appreciation.
I'm listening to "Stable Song" by Death Cab for Cutie. It brings me back to 19, 20 years old. My first girlfriend. Drives out in to the country on warm Summer nights. The excitement of first love. Surfing, bonfires, friends.

jcsteadman · 8 days ago

Stay safe and glad to hear you're able to work from home. I'm also in a similar position and I'm feeling very grateful, as you are, about the situation - all things considered.

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