Hagrid · 2 months ago

Today was a good day.
I got up at 6:34am. Drove to work with L, got a work out in, and headed up to 22. Wrote some sweet code today. Had lunch with the wife. Headed home, talked to my best friend on the phone for a solid 30 minutes. Hung out with the cat.
Speaking of the cat, funny story. We were out on the deck looking out onto the river and Georgie (cat) gets right up to the edge looking at little minnows in the water. I'm thinking, "Dang, she's not even afraid of that water!" Next thing I know, she jumped head first into the river. Was beneath the water, probably horrified, for a solid second, then when she came up I hoisted her out, sopping wet. She was an indoor cat her whole life until about a month ago, so I'm guessing she just didn't know it was water.
Work on our float is now done. The clogged drain we've been dealing with this week is cleared. The electrical issues we were dealing with this week, also resolved. I feel light as a feather.

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