Hagrid · 3 months ago

Lu and I just did some exploring around NOLA. Super fun outing. We walked down to the Mississippi River, then headed over to Meyer Hat Shop to check out the hats. I found a hat I LOVED, a Stetson Gun Club in black. Super badass. And best yet: it was 50% off! So I bought that and ended up buying Lu a nice hat as a Christmas present. That shop is like stepping back in time. The owner, about 80 years old, is walking around all smiles, helping people try on hats. Pretty much everything made in either USA, Canada, or Italy. Grandma's walking around, so old she's stooped over half way and stands about 3.5 feet tall, telling you "oh no, that's doesn't suit you" or "oh, this one was made for you, here". Grandsons are working the registers and looking sharp. The whole family is working this hat shop. The owner tells Lu that he's the third generation, which would make his grandsons the 5th generation, if I'm not mistaken. Lu was already getting compliments from her hat not 5 minutes after leaving the shop (some guy at Starbucks).
Last night was equally awesome. I was kinda being a PITA about money, how everything is too expensive and how I've been complaining about prices half the trip like a grumpy old man. Well, Lu didn't like that and ended up telling me, and we talked about it, and settled on this being our vacation, which we've worked hard for and have money set aside for, and I should stop being a cheap bastard. So last night, we went to Bacchanal just outside of town which was fucking amazing. We drank and ate like a king and queen and then went to a play, "The Christmas Story". The play was top notch, and we ended the night celebrating the joy of Christmas and for being alive to experience everything the night had to offer.

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