reyland2401 · 8 months ago

Today I start my gratitude journal. That in itself is something that I am thankful for.
So let's start.
I am grateful for my family because I know that I am supported by my Mother and my Lovers.
Something good that happened today was I realized that seeing my problems written down helps me let go of them. Thus leading to a healthier mind and outlook on life.
I am grateful for my friendship with Caleb because even though he's some ways away from me he's always there to listen and though he doesn't always understand what I'm going through, he's always there to support me.
I am grateful for who I am because no matter what I tell myself, no matter how I change, I will always be Me. That's right Me with a capital 'M'.
Something silly I'm grateful for is my DOOFUS of a partner, and a Daddy. They always know how to make me laugh, and to make me the happiest baby again.
Something else I am grateful for is love. I'm so grateful for love, that everything around me is full of it in some way, shape or form.

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