randomaccount · 3 months ago

Today was my Second day of classes. I'm currently listening to some music while writing this journal. I'm not to certain why I decided all the sudden to be reflective.

I've got to finish so much random tasks and, pardon my french, bullshit. If I had a morsel of energy to sigh internally, I probably would.

I'm getting off track, even in my own writing, how ironic. I should probably look to plan the things coming up this week for school. Let me find my phone very quickly because I just realized I need to text people in order to plan something for the upcoming weeks.

God I'm so scatterbrained even here.

I'll even use this to make a checklist:

1. Find phone and text the peeps.
2. Finish my resume (LIKE NOW DUDE)
3. Humm... Maybe text sophie? (God she's like so cute, wonder if she'll say yes if I ever ask her out.... She's like cute, funny, haha...)
4. No wait fuck.. start to finish the Jaiden animations thing you did. WHy are you so lazy!!
6. .... fuck let me re-arrange the order.. does this things have strikethrough?

I guess I can underline.... that sucks I can't strikethrough like a list.... Fine I'll just underline things I get done. lol

7. I also need to find some strong tape. I should probably ask Hena for some.
8. Workout! You need to hit the gym again (Do it everyday dude!)
I wonder if kindmind actually has people reading your random journals LOL. Hopefully not, that sounds like a very cruel fate to read this mess.

9. Laundry!


Hagrid · 3 months ago

I read this! Thanks for sharing ; )

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