Hagrid · 3 months ago

One of my most prized possessions is/was a huge glass carboy that holds about 12 gallons, the kinda you'd see in a home brew setup. But this wasn't just any carboy—this was a Pyrex carboy, the Rolls Royce of carboys. My Ma picked it up at a local antique dealer for $100 and sent it home with me on a recent visit. I just checked online and they're listed on eBay for $350 and new elsewhere for $850.
We had this bad boy in our living room just looking chonky and interesting, and I've had plans to turn it into a terrarium. So today, all excited, I got up and said, "Today's the day! Time to start on the terrarium". So fill up the bathtub with hot soapy water to give it a nice bath and clean it. Well, I stepped away for a minute and the damn thing turned over in the bath and shattered. WTF pyrex, I thought you didn't break?! It was the same feeling I got dropping my iPhone into the river earlier this year. Utter disbelief.
I'm pissed but also reminded that everything I see around me, everything, will eventually break, die, and cease to exist in a long enough time frame. And for this bottle, that was today, at least in bottle form.
Update at 5pm: I just watched a documentary on Amazon Prime Video about Scotch and suddenly I want to visit Scotland and start drinking Scroth. Since I don't have any Scotch, I'm drinking a Coke and spiced rum while I program.

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