So the "monthly" blog post thing didn't work so well...

But I'm back for November, baby!

I had a round of interviews in the middle of this past week, and early on in the process, I mentioned my experience building The last interviewer heard about this project and brought it up: "Where's the next monthly update? You're leaving us all hanging?!" I thought that was hilarious and was legitimately tickled-pink that a "fan" was asking for an update. Ha!

So here's what I've been up to since my last post.

Public journal entries

If you write an entry, a little button appears next to the post where a user can publish it for all other users to read. Public/shared entries can be viewed here.

I definitely don't want KindMind to be a blogging platform, but I see a supportive online community of journalers being an integral part of it going forward. I'd love to be able to comment on journal entries and support other people. I also want others to read my entries and offer input.

Semantic UI

Up until recently, everything, or just about everything, you see on KindMind is a custom-styled element. It takes time to decide how everything should look and behave. Now, I'm using a UI framework called Semantic UI. The general idea is that it's a library of many different "tools" used to build websites. So, for example, I can plug in a "sidebar" if I want, kinda like a lego, and that sidebar will look awesome and provide fancy functionality in certain cases that I didn't have to build myself. Open source is awesome!

What I'm excited about right now

The public journal entries feature is a minimally viable feature, but it's lacking a few things. First, user entries are currently anonymous; they aren't tied to any username. Users don't even have usernames. I need to change that.

The end goal is to have a public journal entry show a label: "Written by G-Money-1986 in their Daily Gratitude journal".

After that, I'll be able to work on a feature I've dreamt about for the last three years: styled journals. This is an exciting feature that users have asked for, and dammit, I want it myself. The idea is that users will be able to choose fonts, colors, and other stylistic components that change the look and feel of their journal. Can't wait to dive into it.

Last, I'm doing a refactor of the site's Redux store right now. When I implemented React and Redux, I wasn't experienced with what the structure of the Redux store should look like, and now that I know how it should look like... well, there's a lot of room for improvement.

So that's the current update. Slow and steady. Until next month.

KindMind Monthly Report: June 2018

I’m going to start posting monthly reports for KindMind where I go over:

–Next month goals


I had two major wins over the last month:

  1. I rolled out Stripe subscriptions
  2. I released a major UI redesign of the app

The Stripe subscriptions are something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I’ve tried to keep KindMind for free as long as I can—nearly four years since I started the project—but the fact is it must to be self sustaining in the long term. My expenses are about $1,500 a year right now; not huge, but it adds up. And I don’t have any budget for marketing at the moment which is no bueno.

New users now have 10 days to try the app out, and if they like it, they can buy a $3 month-to-month subscription. I plan on implementing a free option in the future (important to me), but I need to focus on one thing at a time right now.

As for the UI redesign: I’m really happy with how it went. The new design is ultra minimalist, even more than before, and imo offers a more seamless writing experience. I like how the new design has journal text centered on the page and puts a strong focus on journal text. Gone is the sidebar. The sidebar worked just fine, but it was also a slab of the interface with virtually no content except for the nav menu.


The two main challenges were:

  1. Learning how Stripe works: subscriptions, webhooks, api calls
  2. Finding time to work on the Stripe integration and UI redesign between getting married (that’s right, I got hitched!) and a honeymoon


A lesson I have learned over and over in my career as a developer is to ship the earliest viable feature possible, get feedback on it and improve, then repeat.


I had a grand total of 7 user sign ups over the last 30 days. Yes, I know, not a lot, at all… It’s not hard to see why: I spent $0 on advertisement and basically zero effort spreading the word.

July Goals


–Making modals look prettier
–Optimizing the site for mobile
–Adding a “Feedback” link + form to the journal page
–Research into how I’m going to implement V2 of journal themes


–Add a “Blog” link to the landing page of KindMind to improve SEO
–Reach out to Portland Business Journal to see if they’ll make a post about KindMind
–Spend $150 on an ad campaign (Reddit, Google, Bing)
–Post a July monthly report